Monday, June 12, 2017

Not using my time as wisely as I should: Back to Fantasy.

Hey Joe here. I broke my back. It's a simple story that if you listen to the podcast you probably know all about it. needless to say I've essentially been confined to my house strapped into a plastic suit of armor and told not to do anything. Unfortunately, one thing I cannot not do is paint. Using the time I'm sitting around doing nothing I decided I'd try to make a dent into the vast amount of miniatures I have. So I'm going to start blogging my progress instead of sending them via text to people who probably could care less.

Anyway, I needed 2 wizards for a Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army.I went with 5th edition Empire Gold and Celestial Wizards.
Since KoW is pretty cool about unit filler, I wanted to give my characters the same kind of decorative base feel. I dug in the bitz box and pulled out some fun stuff to use. The rest of the pics are from a couple different angles.

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