Monday, March 15, 2010

Necron BFG Fleet

As a hobby painter I do a lot of commissions for people. This recent one was done for the GW Chicago Battle Bunker. Apparently some contest winner won their choice of a free painted army, and they chose a Necron Fleet. I thought I would post the pics I took before I handed them off.

The Fleet was actually done with all GW paints which is unusual for me, because I'm a big proponent of Reaper master series.

The Metal was done by first basing the model in Tin Bitz, Then drybrushing Boltgun, Chainmail, and Mithril.

The Pyramids were Tinbitz, and line highlighted with Shining Gold, Burnished, and a tiny bit of Mithril

I then inked the whole model with with a 25/75 Thraka green and Gryphon Sepia, waited for it to dry. Then I did a Badab wash.

The green gauss effects were Orkhide, Snot, then a 25/75 mix of snot and skull. As per request, the little spark actions were added with a simple line of skull white.

The bases are Georgo 1", 2", 3" rounds. I printed some NASA starfields onto some sticker paper, and with some fancy Exacto handywork, stuck em on.

The models were connected to the base with Brass rod.

Now onto the models.

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