Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kislevites part 3

Well these are the final bits of Kislevites I have currently completed. I hope to finish up the rest soon. This is Winged Lancer unit 1 of 2.

This is my Kislevite Steam Tank, hopefully I can get better pics, It's so huge it barely fits in my lightbox. The Mammoth itself is from the heritage museum.


  1. Absolutely superb. Well done Doc Red.

    Would you mind if I ran a feature on my miniatures blog about your army ?

    I try to post inspiring pics of great ideas, modelling and painting and you're Kislevite army fits the bill.

    The blog is :- Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures Gallery

    Fantatic blog, keep it up,
    my WFB blog

    PS. I'll add your blog to the blogroll which would hopefully attract some interested "Kislevites" here.

  2. BTW, I almost forgot to mention, we have a Kislev thread in our forum which is moderated by someone who came up with a customised Kislev army book that you may be interested in:-

    Kislev and other WFB army projects