Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kislevites part 2

Continuing from last post, here are two more units of Kossars (The traditional type) with full command and boyars The last image is The Adepticon model from a few years back, I thought she'd make a good boyar.

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  1. Hi DocRed,

    Would you mind if I added some of these Kislevite miniature pics to my Warhammer Fantasy Gallery ?

    I just like to post inspirational ideas and photos that I stumble across around the Warhammer blogosphere. Here are some of examples of what I mean :-

    Chaos Chariot Conversions
    Warhammer Expert Dioramas - Empire Sniping
    the Best Warhammer Army ever !?

    If you like what you see please grant me permission to use some of your Kislevite pics. I'll give you a good write up and add your blog to the WFB Allies blogroll.

    All the best,
    my WFB Tweets