Monday, February 15, 2010

Kislevites part 1

When I was putting together my kislevites, I knew that in order to really have some fun, I had to play with some Empire units. I decided that I should have a grand theologinist. This is the unit I decided to put together.
I mainly use this unit as militia with two hand weapons, The Grand Theologinist is the Old Glory Vladimir the Turk Slayer.

The majority of the unit are the Warhammer Mordheim Kislevite range. If it wasn't for my love of these Kossacks, I would sell the unit and retire, seriously, look at how much they go for on the Ebay.

The other figures are militia with a bunch of green stuff.


  1. What a superb unit. I really like the way you've painted the mustaches and the eye "liner" (for want of a better "un girly" expression).

    They certainly look the part. Are you aware of the unofficial Kislevite army book ? If not, you might want to take a look, it's top quality stuff:-

    Kislevite Army Book pdf

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